“A Heart Well Traveled – Vol. 2: Tales of Erotica, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes” edited by Sallyanne Monti— Fourteen Unique and Compelling Stories

Monti, Sallyanne (editor). “A Heart Well Traveled – Vol. 2: Tales of Erotica, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Love Affairs and Unlikely Outcomes”, Sapphire Books, 2017.

Fourteen Unique and Compelling Stories

Amos Lassen

Sallyanne Monti’s collection of short stories take us into the supernatural and allows us to escape into unknown territories We have a plethora of different styles of erotica, science fiction and fantasy and while personally this is not the kind of literature I usually read, I was taken away to places I have never been to read about new situations and it was great fun. I realized long ago when I first began reviewing that anthologies by several authors are the most difficult books to review because there are really only two options. I can say something about each story or I can review the work as a whole. If I tried to say something about each of the fourteen stories here this review would be way too long and to difficult to manage so I have decided to look at the collection as a whole.

For any anthology to be successful it must have variety and diversity and we certainly have these here. Below is a list of the stories and their authors:

  1. Living in Her Memories by Vickie L. Adams
  2. Crossroads by Shannon M. Harris
  3. The New Muse by T.L. Hayes
  4. If The Time is Right, Do It Over Skype by Lisa Blush
  5. Peter Brady by Sallyanne Monti
  6. The Daughter of War by K.A. Masters
  7. The Encounter by Sandy Duggar
  8. Who’s Afraid Of The Pink Fairy by Gabriela Martins
  9. Perchance to Dream by Lea Daley
  10. The Pull by Tara Wentz
  11. Pouncing by Genta Sebastian
  12. The Real Thing by L.K. Early
  13. The Most Powerful Connection by Katelyn Cameron
  14. Geekily Yours by Samantha Luce

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