“The Gate” by Isabella— Chaos

Isabella. “The Gate”, Sapphire Books, 2017.


Amos Lassen

Let me begin this review with a disclaimer. I am not a fan of science and/or speculative fiction but I did read this and am trying to give this a fair review. I was very surprised to find myself into the story in the first few sentences—- so much so, that I read the entire book in one sitting. Isabella writes beautifully and seems to have chosen each word especially for this novel.

This is a story about strong women; Dawn and Harley who live hard and love hard. They are pretty, sexy and intelligent but are rules by impulse instead of intelligence. Isabella has taken the good vs. evil story and given it some new angles and it is filled with action.

“The inter-world is in chaos and has become the heart of the battleground in the war between Paladins and Gatekeepers. Harley doesn’t know it yet, but she’s at ground zero. A night of drinking, to forget a cheating girlfriend, is about to change her life forever. A birthmark—or a birthright—sets her on a direct path to a woman who claims to have known her for centuries. Not ready to accept her Paladin mantel, she needs proof—and that proof is out to destroy her.” Now we meet Dawn who was born to be a protector and we learn that protecting a Paladin is to be mated for eternity (without the sex), but Harley is allure a special woman who is compelling and who has risen quickly to The Chosen and this makes things complicated as Dawn finds herself fighting for her own heart, as well as for her biggest nemesis and brother, Lucius who is lord of the Gatekeepers and wants to kill souls before they move to their next life. He wants Harley with him and does not let sibling rivalry stop him.

That is enough of the plot because if I say any more I might destroy a wonderful read for some of you. Let it be enough to say that the characters are amazing and the exploration of supernatural themes is new and fresh. Isabella brings romance, the conflict between good and evil, destiny, and the power of together in a fantasy tale filled with symbolism and that explores the soul. This is a story of destiny and love that will charm you on every page.

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