“Holding: A Novel” by Graham Norton— Gossip and Secrets

Norton, Graham. “Holding: A Novel”, Atria Books, 2017.

Gossip and Secrets

Amos Lassen

The rural Irish village of Duneen has always been peaceful but that changes when human remains are discovered on an old farm. It is suspected that this is the body of Tommy Burke, the former lover of two different inhabitants and soon the villagers become aware of Duneen’s dark past. begins to unravel. Police sergeant PJ Collins struggles to solve a genuine case for the first time in his life and as he does, he discovers the past of a town that had one been so peaceful as well as the complexities and contradictions that make us human.

Collins is extremely overweight and because of that, he usually dealt only with speeding violations and herding drunks. This changed when he learned that human bones were discovered at a nearby construction site. Every resident of Duneen has a theory about what happened.

PJ assumes that human bones can only mean murder. PJ and Detective Dunne figure that the bones belong to the once beloved town heartthrob, Tommy Burke who has been missing for nearly twenty-five years and whose disappearance caused a mess in the town. Brid Riordan, the neighborhood drunk, had been once engaged to Tommy. Evelyn Ross, the town beauty and orphan tells that she and Tommy held deep love for each other love that only a few villagers knew about.

Norton writes beautifully and has created some unforgettable characters. We cannot help but turn the pages as quickly as possible.


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