“CALL YOUR FATHER”— Intergenerational Disconnect


Intergenerational Disconnect

Amos Lassen

Jordan Firstman’s short film is a disturbing tale about an intergenerational disconnect between two gay men hooking up for a date. In “Call Your Father”, we meet Greg )Craig Chester), a reserved 50 year-old guy who is picks up 24 year-old Josh (Firstman) who is full of uncontrollably energy.  The young man is a self-centered poet with no filter and who insists on makes outrageous patronizing generalizations about Greg. Yet, even though he receives such obnoxious treatment from Josh, Greg is intrigued enough to continue with the date. Both men seem to be obviously fulfilling some sort of need that each sees in the other.

This is not a comfortable film to watch at times but for some reason, I felt compelled to stay with it as it looks at daddy issues and what middle-aged gay men really expect from dating millennials. The film raises some very important points on ageism, an issue that plagues the LGBT community. Of course, it is human nature to want to know why Greg would put himself through such discomfort and humiliation but that passes and we soon begin to appreciate and understand that he has needs that he feels could be filled by this Josh or another youngster like him.

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