“Channeling Morgan” by Lewis DeSimone— Telling All

DeSimone, Lewis. “Channeling Morgan”, Beautiful Dreamer, 2017.

Telling All

Amos Lassen

Derick Sweetwater has been a ghostwriter but would like to change that and just be a writer. However when going to Provincetown to write his own novel, he gets his biggest client, Clive Morgan. Clive hires him to write is “tell all” autobiography in which he speaks about his “secret”. Yet, it seems that a weird New Age cult has its own plans for Clive, and Derick’s new boyfriend also has a secret . There is nothing like a fun satire to take your mind off of the crazy politics this country is experiencing with its dreadful new administration and that is what Lewis DeSimone has written here. What could be more fun than gay literature meeting Hollywood and Broadway?

Let me just give you a word of advice, Before you start reading this, clear your day because you will probably read it in one sitting and turn the pages as quickly as possible. (You will also keep a smile on your face as you read).

I am not new to the writings of Lewis DeSimone. I have read and reviewed his two previous novels, “Chemistry” and “The Heart’s Desire” and loved them but they did not, in any way, prepare for DeSimone’s new direction in his writing that we have here. His switch to satire keeps him at the top of the list of my favorite writers and it is interesting that this book came at a time when I was wondering why I have not seen a new book from him in a while. Now we see that he is as talented wring humor and satire as he is writing serious stories. I do not want to say anymore about the plot for fear of giving it away but I can say that there is something for everyone here.