“Swabbed and Found” by Frank Billingsley— A DNA Journey

Billingsley, Frank. “Swabbed & Found”, Bright Sky Books, 2017.

A DNA Journey

Amos Lassen

In “Swabbed & Found”, Frank Billingsley shares his fascinating story of how he combined cutting-edge DNA tests and genealogical programs together with his investigative skills to fill in the missing branches of his family tree put the pieces of his family tree in order. He discovered that people are not always who they seem, or even who they think they are. Whenever he reached to a dead end, he found himself helped by a new friend or a newly discovered relative and ultimately, he was able to find the family he had wondered about for his whole life.

For more than two decades, Billingsley was the weatherman at Houston’s KPRC weatherman for more than 20 years. He optimistically reassured Houstonians that even the gloomiest of rainclouds has a silver lining. He was known for his sunny personality and he seemed to be naturally outgoing.

He had always wondered if he inherited his personality from his mother or his father but because he had been adopted, he never knew.

I believe that the advent of the Internet is responsible of the rise in the science of genealogy. Billingsley shows that this is a science with a human face in that his story shows that who we are is not necessarily who gave us our eye color but rather who we love. It is important to many to know their genealogical background but dealing with that information with care and compassion is a vital part of the science.

Billingsley shows us how the DNA discovery process works and as he does we learn about him. His journey was complicated and a roller coaster of emotions. Billingsley was respectful to everyone involved as he shares his loving account of his relationship and marriage to his husband, Kevin. He writes with humor and explanations are clear as they bring science, personal anecdotes and family memories together.

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