“The Mess He Made”


Amos Lassen

Matthew Puccini’s “The Mess He Made”, at first, seems to have a simple set-up. We see a man spending 15 minutes waiting for the results of a Rapid HIV test in a small-town strip mall. As he does, he considers the choices he’s made and what the test could mean for both his future and his past and we watch the simplicity fall away. We can imagine what goes on in someone’s mind while waiting for the results. Here we don’t have to imagine since we see it close up and personal.

I read that director Puccini based this on his own experience when he and a friend both had HIV one summer. He shares that his mind went through all of the hypothetical’s and all of the conversations he was dreading having to have. He felt that it was important to make a film that reflected his experience, showing “the HIV screening process in a detailed, contemporary light.”

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