“LOOK ABOUT YOU”— Israeli Road Trip


“Look About You”

Road Trip

Amos Lassen

Israeli director Amit Shalev brings us a unique road trip movie that paints a painfully touching picture of real life in Israel, portraying the subtle interdependence between family and society, and the need to overcome separation.  

Social unrest sends a family into the heart of Israeli society and we see that this is a society in turmoil, mired in conflict and never-ending questions. Squeezed in a tiny RV, they meet and live with people from all walks of life as they balance hope and despair and collect the pieces of an ancient dream from among the fragments of contemporary reality.

We meet amazing people who live in a difficult reality and poignant questions. We see and understand some the impermeability, the pain and the beauty that characterize Israel today. Israeli society is complicated and the questions that are raised here are very real and always tough. As we watch, we become part of the family and feel its empathy, love, and compassion. 

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