“Inside the Greenwich Cafe” by Billy Bright— A Different Kind of Love Story

Bright, Billy. “Inside the Greenwich Café’, ADS, 2017.

A Different Kind of Love Story

Amos Lassen

As we read “Insight the Greenwich Café”, we find ourselves at the scene. The café sits at the corner of a park ands is indistinguishable from many others yet it hides a secret. It sells hopeless young boys to rich, influential and powerful people.

Bill is one of those boys. We read hoe he gets captured in the scene of organized crime, how he learns from his mistakes, and how he tries to survive against the odds which he has been dealt.

The plot is intense and is captivating. Written in first person and narrated by the main character, Billy, we learn of his experiences as a young man in Prague. Billy Bright tells a fascinating story that balances adventure, disappointment, passion, anxiety, suspense, drama, betrayals and so on.

The characters are amazing and I found myself reading the entire book in one sitting. The key word here is intrigue and more than that I cannot say.

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