“HUMOR ME”— A Happy Ending


A Happy Ending

Amos Lassen

Nate (Elliot Gould) is a playwright suffering from writer’s block and is unable to complete his latest play. He has been fired by his producer/agent C.C., Nate and also gets dumped by his wife Nirit who has found herself a billionaire who is able to give her the life to which she wants to become accustomed. Nate’s problem here is that Nirit who has been supporting him. Nonetheless, she leaves and takes their son Gabe with her leaving Nate with no job, no wife and no home. He has only one option and that is to go to New Jersey and stay with his dad Bob (Jemaine Clement) in a retirement community.

Nate’s father only keeps diet cream soda in the house and expects his son to earn his keep by doing chores makes Nate uncomfortable to say the least and soon we have comedic situations as we watch Nate refuse to become an adult. At the same time, Bob refuses to coddle or cater to his son. Eventually, things work themselves out in this sweet film filled with heart and humor.

Elliott Gould is perfect as Bob and his comedic timing is perfection. Going toe-to-toe with Gould is Jemaine Clement who, as Nate, brings his own often droll and sometimes hapless comic sensibilities to the role and shines with exasperation at every turn. The real fun happens when Gould and Clement share the screen. Writer/Director Sam Hoffman has found a great supporting cast that includes Priscilla Lopez, Annie Potts, Bebe Neuwirth, Willie C. Carpenter and Ingrid Michaelson.

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