“The Glenn Miller Conspiracy”– What Really Happened?

Downs, Hunter. “The Glenn Miller Conspiracy”, Creative Book Publishers, 2009.

What Really Happened?

Amos Lassen

Glenn Miller, the big band leader, mysteriously disappeared in 1944 when his plane went down flying over the English Channel and Hunter Downs has spent the last 50 years investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. Miller had been an army major and a spy for the United States who was on his way to deliver a message from Dwight Eisenhower, then a general. The message was a request for a group of German generals to join in a plot to infiltrate and change Hitler’s war plans. It is Downs’s theory that Miller was captured in France by Nazi spies who both tortured and killed him during an unsuccessful interrogation in which they tried to get him to give them information about the plan. Furthermore, Downs maintains that some American troops saw Miller’s body being dumped outside of a brothel in Paris. Downs maintains that the high command of the American army made up the story of Miller’s disappearance to stop the Nazi claim that they had broken Miller.
Downs was a Pulitzer Prize nominee discovered this conspiracy and its cover up while he was doing some specialized army work after World War II and then began his own private investigation. He writes passionately about what he found but unfortunately his work is sloppy and his citations are messy. His bibliography also seems to be missing some items. That, however, does not detract from the story but it does hurt the approach. Some questions are left unanswered and we mat never know why this has remained an unsolved mystery for as long as it has. But what must be remembered it that this is the theory and conjecture of Downs and his alone (although I am sure that he has some supporters). His book is a fascinating read but we are not sure we get the truth or if we will ever know it. The book most definitely drew me in and I really wanted to believe what Downs wrote and maybe one day I will. He certainly provides a lot of food for thought

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  1. Art Asbury

    I heard the story of the dissappearance of Glenn Miller when I was at RAF Chelveston. His Band left for Paris for the liberation celebration ahead of Miller and he left later in a small single engine light aircraft. As the plane, with No flight plan, flew over the Channel and in a designated “drop zone,” a squadron of RAF bombers returning from a failed run over Germany jettisoned their bomb load, an observer saw a low-flying craft heading toward France several thousand feet below and exclaimed “poor *****” and it took more than 50 years to uncover that story and the fateful Miller flight. Times and dates matched and the observer when asked why he waited so long to come forward exclaimed that it was too late to do anything about it and that the plane should not have been in the drop zone. Sad but in keeping with the bandleaders dashing and carefree style.

  2. Bob

    I work with a guy who’s Father signed Millers Plane out on a Flight Checklist Miller was on board the plane later returned and Miller was not on the Plane


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