“Queer and Catholic: A Life of Contradiction by Mark Dowd— Reconciling Sexuality and Faith

Dowd, Mark. “Queer and Catholic: A Life of Contradiction”, Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd, 2017.

Reconciling Sexuality and Faith

Amos Lassen

Mark Dowd was raised as working class boy from Manchester and in this memoir he explores how to reconcile his sexuality with his Catholicism. He begins in the late 1960s to the present day and what we really see is the changing attitude to same-sex attraction over more than half a century. Dowd has filled his memoir with stories that are funny, deeply moving and spiritually insightful. H shares coming out to his parents by talking in his sleep, training to become a Dominican priest before “eloping from a religious order with an ex friar, and attending the funeral of his father – accompanied by his father!”

Through this we get the opportunity to explore the mind of a sometimes struggling but always-persistent Catholic.

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