“Drama Club” by Mikel Gerle— Coming of Age

Gerle, Mikel. “Drama Club: a Memoir”, CreateSpace, 2017.

Coming of Age

Amos Lassen

We have had so many coming of age stories that if there is going to be another one, it must be something special and that is what “Drama Club” is. For a religious young person to deal with his sexuality, it can be extremely difficult and can also be life threatening. We must remember that in terms of acceptance of homosexuality, 1980’s America was quite a different place than it is today.

Mikel Gerle is a fine storyteller who writes about Nebraska, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho, places we rarely hear about in coming of age stories. He shares how it feels to be alone and different during his personal journey through young adulthood. What makes this book special is the writing and use of language. I often felt hypnotized by the beautiful prose that relates how it was to grow up trapped by religion, family and sexuality.

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