“MY SON IS GAY”— The Dark Reality of Acceptance”

“My Son Is Gay”

The Dark Reality of Acceptance

Amos Lassen

Lakshmi (Anupama Kumar) discovers that her son Varun (Ashwin Jith) is gay and the fact she could never accept this, turns her life upside down. While Varun goes out and finds his love Karthik, his life isn’t as happy as in the past. Eventually there comes a day when Lakshmi decides to find her lost son. 

Through Varun’s eyes we learn what it is to be a homosexual and see how hard this is to understand and how it affects a person psychologically. We see the difficulties that gay people have in leading a “normal” life with the society and what hard times they face in being accepted by their families. Lakshmi and her son Varun deal with emotional chaos that questions people’s common mindsets, beliefs, trust as they attempt to overcome the social stigma that they associate with homosexuality.

Lakshmi is a simple, no-nonsense school Principal whose life revolves around her kids and the school. She is happy in her own uncomplicated and safe world and she is unaware of something that threatens to shake and uproot the foundation of everything she stands for and believes in. Varun, her son, is a happy-go-lucky young man who is the apple of her eye. His world begins and ends with his mother. Yet Varun is always aware of how different he is from the other boys and he is secure in the knowledge that he will always have his mother by his side— or so he thought.

“My son is Gay” is a poignant tale of a mother-son relationship. When it is revealed that Varun is gay, everything changes. How this affects others is what this film is about. It deals with “the universal question of acceptance and tolerance of all peoples; inclusion of the marginalized sections of society into the mainstream and upholding the right of every human being to live their life with dignity.”

Homosexuality is a topic that Tamil filmmakers have avoided. Director Lokesh changes that with “My Son Is Gay”. His goal is to make people understand the hardships faced by the LGBT community by concentrating on how a mother accepts her gay son.

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