“Nobody Rides for Free” by Neil Plakcy— A Criminal Investigation

Plakcy, Neil S. “Nobody Rides For Free: An Angus Green Novel”, (Angus Green Series), Diversions Publishing, 2017.

A Criminal Investigation

Amos Lassen

After having been wounded during his previous case, Angus Green wonders whether he has made the right decision about becoming an FBI Special Agent. He has been given a desk job until he recovers and now has a lot of time to think. He learns that some gay teens are the victims of sexual abuse by a photographer that lives in the neighborhood and Angus readily takes this case on. He is soon in the underworld of Fort Lauderdale as well as the bars on the beachfront that re known for the illegal cash laundering by Russian emigres. Being a sensitive guy, Angus is deeply affected by what is happening to the gay young men and he feels connected personally to each incident of abuse.

This is the second book in the Angus Green series. I did not read the first yet I can tell you that “Nobody Rides for Free” stands on tits own. It is very easy to connect to the very likeable Angus and I envy those who had already done so in the first book but I will catch up. He is a man of humor and humanity. Neil Plakcy has created an unforgettable character in him. We see him changing in both his job and his life as he matures.

As he investigates this new case that is related to illegal drugs, he finds himself dealing both with pornography and child abuse. It angers him that the young victims do not have support of any kind. Now if you are looking for mystery and romance, this might not be the book for you. We have no romance here but we do have a really good detective story. There is a lot of time spent on research and we see that Angus really loves his job and is determined to solve this case and save other youngsters from abuse.

We go behind the scenes of police procedures as Angus collects evidence and finds clues in order to solve this case. The case is a difficult one and as Angus investigates it becomes more and more convoluted yet Plakcy presents everything in an easy-to-follow way. Every detail is some kind of clue and as Angus works to put them together, so do his readers. That is one thing that I love about the book. The other thing is Plakcy’s writing. I feel like I know the author even though I have never met him personally. Because I have been reading him ever since I stared reviewing some eleven years ago, reading one of his books is like sitting down for a chat with an old friend. I will not give you any more information about the plot because I do not want to spoil the story.

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