“PINSKY”— A Complicated Relationship


A Complicated Relationship

Amos Lassen

“Pinsky” focuses on a 26-year-old queer woman who is an aspiring stand up comic with a complicated relationship with her Jewish grandmother. Sophia Pinsky seems to be an adult with an adult life. She has a job, an apartment and a partner. But then, her grandfather died suddenly and her girlfriend left her. Marina, Sophia, Russian grandmother uses Sophia’s guilt and insecurities as a way to get her to move back home and live with the family. She begins trying to get her to marry a nice Jewish guy named Trevor but Sophia wants nothing to do with men and after a terrible date with him, Sophia goes to a comedy club where, with all of her personal problems, people find her to be quite funny and laugh at her jokes. She makes new friends with some of the club patrons and they all have the feeling of being outsiders everywhere but at the club.

Sophia’s relationship with her family comes to an explosion one Shabbat dinner and she now relies on her new family to be there for her as she learns to accept herself. At that same dinner, Sophia and Trevor try to humiliate Marina by pretending to have fallen for each other, not knowing that Marina has her own announcement— she is already dating her childhood rabbi and this puts Sophia and Maria at odds in attempting to define loyalty and love.

Rebecca Karpovsky and Amanda Lindquist are the brains behind this film and it is through them that we see and understand that family relationships are usually quite complicated. The film is not a criticism of the se relationships but rather a look at how complicated they can be.

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