“THE POET AND THE BOY”— What Lies Beneath


What Lies Beneath

Amos Lassen

A married poet (Yang Ik-june) meets a teenage boy working at a donut shop and helplessly develops feelings for him. Director Kim Yang-hee.

Gives us a gentle look at what lies beneath the surface of long-standing relationships, and how easily gusts of passion or poetry can throw everything off balance.

The poet is in his late thirties lives on the quiet Jeju Island. He’s lucky enough to be able to practice his art while living off of his hardworking wife. He has led an untroubled and uneventful life, and his fuel for inspiration is running out. One day, he meets a handsome young man (Jung Ga-ram) working at the local donut shop. Suddenly, life is no longer the same. Emotional turmoil catches him by surprise and brings to the surface a side he had never known. This revelation triggers his art, allowing him to mature as a writer.

Yang Ik-june, delivers a brilliant performance as the timid poet. The film looks at questions about the meaning of poetry, art, and life. This is a film that will stay with you for a very long time.

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