“SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS”— “The Satanic Kitsch Classic”

“Satan’s Cheerleaders”

[“The Satanic Kitsch Classic!”

Amos Lassen

Benedict High School’s cheerleaders aren’t shy and sweet. We have Debbie (Alisa Powell) who is quite slutty, Chris (Hilary Horan) who is quiet but usually speaks up with attitude, Patti (Kerry Sherman) who is soon to be possessed the hottest of the group and Sharon (Sherry Marks) with her fabulous legs.

The football team knows them well and Billy (Jack Krushen), the school’s disturbed janitor, would like to know them in the same way. In the locker room, the girl’s shower and dress, unaware that they are being secretly watched. They don’t know that a curse has been placed on their clothes. And they don’t know that their trip to the first big game of the season might sideline them forever. These four young and sex-starved teenage girls gallivant around town in this film directed by Greydon Clark. They flaunt their sexuality to all of the older prudes and to the crazy janitor at their school, who is also a practicing Satanist. He puts a curse on them as they make their out of town trip to cheer at a game.

Once the curse is revealed, their car breaks down on the side of the road just long enough for Billy to pick them up and kidnap them. He takes them to a satanic alter in the middle of the woods and straps Patti down as she is hypnotized and nude. Patti is then devil-raped by the pervert fallen angel Lucifer, who wants to make her his bride. When the janitor gets mad and wants in on the action, the devil chokes him out and when the girls come to he is dead at their feet and they don’t remember a thing. Now there we have had some action.

The girls make their way to the road and eventually find the sheriff (John Ireland),but the sheriff knows more than he lets on and is part of the satanic cult running the town.

Director Clark’s film are always interesting and “Satan’s Cheerleaders” is no different, the tremendous amount of cheesy girl togetherness as well as Satan worship are about as awkward a mix as it sounds. Yet it is all in fun.

Bonus features include:

  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
  • Original Uncompressed Dual Channel Mono Audio
  • Audio commentary from writer / director Greydon Clark
  • Photo Gallery

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