“LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader” edited by Marla Brettschneider, Susan Burgess and Christine Keating— An Anthology of Essays

Brettschneider, Marla, Susan Burgess and Christine Keating (editors). “LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader”, NYU Press, 2017.

An Anthology of Essays

Amos Lassen

“LGBTQ Politics” is a collection of original essays on queer politics. In the last twenty years, the LGBTQ community has seen tremendous political changes  regarding their civil rights. The essays included here analyze both the successes and obstacles to building the LGBTQ movement over the past two decades. They cover a range of topics, including activism, law, and coalition building, and draw on subfields such as American politics, comparative politics, political theory, and international relations. We get the gamut of methodological, ideological, and substantive approaches to LGBTQ politics that exist in political science. The analyses here focus on mainstream institutional and elite politics and we see them alongside contributions that have come out of grassroots movements and critical theory. Some of the essays celebrate the movement’s successes and prospects while others show the concerns that these successes have been “undermined by a focus on funding power over people power, attempts to fragment the LGBTQ movement from racial, gender and class justice, and a persistent attachment to single-issue politics.”  

  • In the past, LGBTQ and sexuality politics have been sidelined. They have been deemed to be less important, less respectable, or even less necessary research topics in political science. This anthology responds to those ideas. We see here just how important these questions are to our discipline. They give us the chance to hone our methodological concerns and substantive analysis, and they provide a means to integrate the subfields of political science. We see the
  • importance of LGBTQ politics and the ways that understanding LGBTQ politics challenges and strengthens the discipline of political science.
  • LGBTQ politics today are at the center of the American discipline’s concerns.


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