“The Making of Us” by Debbie McGowan— Balancing Work and Play

McGowan, Debbie. “The Making Of Us”, (Checking Him Out Book 4), Beaten Track 2017,

Balancing work and Play

Amos Lassen

Two years ago, Jesse Thomas, who is straight, joined Pride, his university’s LGBT group as a sign of support for his best friend Noah, and Noah’s boyfriend, Matty. Leigh Hunter is Noah and Matty’s new housemate. He was born with what is known as intersex and he identifies as queer. Born with a life-threatening congenital condition, Leigh is intersex and identifies as queer.

Jesse and Leigh get to know each other with the new academic year and they both have to figure our how to balance study and play., a new academic year begins in earnest, bringing with it the usual challenge of balancing work and play. He and Leigh agreed to spend a week’s holiday in Cornwall with Noah and Matty and the Jesse and Leigh got to know each other better then.

This is a story of love and relationships and is full of surprises. Jesse is a totally likable guy but also has issues to deal with. It is easy to see why Jesse is smitten with Leigh. Their relationship is sweet and they seem just right for each other. Jesse uses the support that he gains from Leigh to better know himself and perhaps come out of the shell he has put himself in. He gains confidence since he knows that

Leigh adores him and his friends have his back. Jesse’s feelings about his body and his weight are an important part of the story and these are the issues that caused him to withdraw. The whole story comes together beautifully and I believe that anyone reading this book will have an easier time getting to know himself.



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