“Caught Inside” by Jamie Deacon— A Beautiful Story

Deacon, Jamie. “Caught Inside”, Beaten Path Publishing, 2016.

A Beautiful Story

Amos Lassen

Luke is seventeen-years-old is pretty sure that he has figured out his life and he knows what is going on. But this all changes when he meets Theo. He had planned to have a simple summer with his girlfriend Zara at her family’s summer cottage in Cornwall and really all that he could think about were surfing and sunbathing on he private beach there. Love, simply, does not interest him… or so he thought. He has no plans for falling for someone so he was totally unprepared to meet Theo, an undergrad at Oxford who is Zara’s cousin as well as her best friend. Luke suddenly questions everything he thought he knew about himself. He wants to make sure that no one, especially Zara, find out about his new relationship with Theo but things do not always work out according to wishes.

This is a beautiful book with wonderfully realistic characters and what they do is very real making it easy for the reader to empathize with them. Theo was having a rough time; he was in the middle of dealing with his own broken heart and his new desire for Luke. Luke also had some self-discovery to take care of.

From the moment Luke meets Theo, he has to deal with new feelings and this scares him. However, what he feels is unyielding, undeniable and no matter how much he tries to ignore how he feels, he realizes that this is not just a phase. Of course, as Luke and Theo become closer, the more Luke’s relationship with Zara becomes a problem. He doesn’t want to cheat on her and he does not know how Zara and the rest of the world will feel about his being gay. Regardless how anyone feels about this new romance, there is no denying that it is beautifully rendered here. The prose is gorgeous and the scene where Luke is confronted by his own feelings and dealing with how others react is an emotional tear jerker. He thinks that he will not only lose all of his friends but that people will laugh at and abandon him. We really understand what he was going through. Writer Jamie Deacon takes us on a raw emotional journey filled with risk and regret, betrayal and self-discovery.



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