“THE KITE”— First Love

“The Kite”

First Love

Amos Lassen

Danish filmmaker Lasse Nielsen brings us a new short film “The Kite”. Essentially a first-love film whose protagonists are two men who have managed to preserve the memories of the tender love they first discovered for each other in their youth.

Their story is told through a series of flashbacks in which a kite links their past and present and becomes a symbol of their happier moments in time. Even though the film is two years old, it has an 80s feel due to the orthodox camera techniques (lens flare, slow panning and focus on objects to underline their importance to the plot) and mostly because of the melodic musical score that brings memories of childhood.

The nervousness and curiosity of youth are charmingly portrayed. There are no explicit scenes, rather glances filled with love and appreciation say everything.

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