“BRAMADERO”— Part Film/Part Perfromance Piece


Part Film/Part Performance Piece

Amos Lassen

In Julian Hernandez’s Mexican short, two men meet high up in a half-completed building. Without words they fight, find love, have sex and dance. It is quite difficult to understand what is really going on here aside from the hardcore sex scene. This is part film, part performance piece and I had the sense that everything happening is supposed to have great meaning.

The sex is very erotic and we see it as pure desire. We see two very hot men, , Sergio Almazán and Christian Rodríguez “strut their stuff in the form of a mating game, one that is but a prelude to acts of sexual intimacy”. The film is beautifully photographed with long takes and this makes it more than just sex. Yet, something is missing in that I could not find meaning to this sensual outing of seduction and sex. Nonetheless, this is probably the most explicit short you’re ever likely to see that is not porn.

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