“BUFFERING”–a new comedy about making money


Making Money

Amos Lassen

From the creative team of Christian Martin and Darren Flaxstone who gave us the “Shank” and “Release”, we now have “Buffering”, a comedy about clearing debts. Seb (Alex Anthony) and Aaron (Conner McKenzie), two young gay men have maxed out their credit cards and search for a way to pay off what they owe. Aaron comes up with the idea of secretly filming the two having sex and feed the movies to the internet. Quite naturally, the money comes quickly but when Seb finds out about this, the scheme almost comes to an end but he comes around when he understand that this may be just what they are looking for to become solvent.

Done in the style of classic British comedies, one cannot help but laugh as the shenanigans come fast and furious. Love, sex and the internet come together in this modern love story. Both boys are without jobs but with the taste for the better things yet it is hard to relax knowing that their house is going to be repossessed and making money has become a top propriety. Putting their love life on pay for view seems to be a great idea to Aaron but he really should have let Seb know his plan. Seb discovers the hidden camera in the bedroom and almost stops the whole business until he realizes that this is the salvation they need.

The film does not shy away from sex and if you have seen under movies by Martin and Flaxstone, then you know they usually deal with reality. Here however is something of a fairy tale (interpret fairy as you see fit) with lots of fun going on. With a wonderful background score by British band Nancy, I could not help but enjoy this film. But do not be mistaken—this is not fluff, it is pure comedy. Things get even zanier when the boys’ friend Jem shows up and tells them that a third person in the mix might make them even more money.

Bernie Hodges who we have seen in “Release” almost steals the film by high camp in the role of   the owner of Nice and Naughty, a gay sex shop.

I have enjoyed Martin and Flaxstone’s work since I first saw it about two years ago and with this, I am a confirmed fan. The film will be released December 6 by TLA Releasing.

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