“Diaspora Boy: Comics on Crisis in America and Israel” by Eli Valley— A Collection


Valley, Eli with Peter Beinart. “Diaspora Boy: Comics on Crisis in America and Israel”, Or, 2017.

A Collection

Amos Lassen

Eli Valley uses noir, horror, slapstick and science fiction to show us the outlandish hypocrisies at play in the American/Israeli relationship. Valley’s work is sometimes banned, often controversial and is always funny and in this graphic collection, he looks at American complicity in an Israeli occupation that is now beginning its fiftieth year. This, the first full-scale anthology of Valley’s art and it gives us an essential retrospective of America and Israel at a turning point. Valley’s artistry is meticulous (as you can see below) and his satire is strong.


We have “perseverating turtles, xenophobic Jedi knights, sputtering superheroes, mutating golems and zombie billionaires”. We also get the “historical background and contexts, insights into the creative process, selected reactions to the works, and behind-the-scenes tales of tensions over what was permissible for publication”. Brutally irreverent, the comics in this volume are a vital contribution to the centuries-old tradition of graphic protest and polemics.