“My Journey Home” by Steve Riback— Choosing Judaism

Riback, Steve. “My Journey Home” with Herb Jaffe, Movement Publishing, 2017.

Choosing Judaism

Amos Lassen

Steve Riback was born Jewish but whose family never practiced Judaism and growing up, he had no idea of what being Jewish meant. . Admittedly, during his growing-up years he could not conceive what it meant to be Jewish. Today, however, Riback regularly attends synagogue with his wife and children, and who religion is an integral part of him. Riback is a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who, for many years, fought a battle against the derisiveness from non-Jewish peers this is because he chose to wear a beard and a head-covering and he even when to the courts and the U.S. Constitution and he was granted the right to do so. It was not an easy fight but he was controlled by his own passion to do what he thought was right. This is Steve Riback’s story of his journey home.

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