“BEAUTIFUL AND GAY: VOLUME1”— Love and Happiness

“Beautiful and Gay: Volume 1”

Love and Happiness

Amos Lassen

I met Wade Radford online and he introduced me to his and his friends’ work. He is a young (some may call him a “twink”) British actor, writer and filmmaker and together with Jason Impey the two have quite a film history. Unfortunately Impey’s films are not well known here. He has directed nearly 80 shorts and features and is now rereleasing them so that we get a chance to appreciate his work. “Beautiful and Gay: Volume 1” is made up of two touching stories of true love and the struggle for happiness and freedom of expression in today’s world.

“Fall Away” is the story of a young singer who is on the verge of being discovered. He is the lead singer for up-and-coming country folk band “65 Home” but dies violently in a back alley. We follow Handsome Jake’s friends and lovers of Handsome Jake as they try to deal with his untimely death. “Everyone knows a different side of this man and the conflicted and seemingly contradictory aspects of his life”.

“Last Chance at Paradise” is the story of Kai and Tobi who share one last night together before the world ends and they remember a beautiful weekend they once had far away from the oppression of Tobi’s homophobic mother. Two lost souls experience true love and romance as everything around them ends.

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