“A Lamentation of Swans” by Valerie Bronwen— In A Mansion By the Sea

Bronwen, Valerie. “A Lamentation of Swans”, Bold Strokes Books, 2017.

In A Mansion By the Sea

Amos Lassen

Ariel and Charlotte were a happily married lesbian couple until one day, after a heated argument, Ariel ran away from their home, Sea Oats. The story is told by Ariel so we really only see things as she does and at times I was a bit confused as to what happened when. This is probably because of Ariel’s using flashbacks to relate the story and with a little patience all comes together. It is both a roman and a mystery. After being away, Ariel decided that she really missed Char so she returns to the mansion by the sea to try to rebuild what had been broken when she left. However, it seems that something is going on at Sea Oats and Ariel senses that he life is in danger. I am not sure that this can really be called a romance novel since I did not really rind any romance here and it is obvious that what once was is no longer.

I was confused by the amount of repetition in the story and for whatever reason I have yet to figure out, I did not find myself connecting with the characters. We do not get much info about the two main characters aside from every chapter mentioned Char’s psychological state and it was always the same.

At first I was intrigued by the story but that changed when the read the same thing over and over. A good editor was needed there. It also took the entire length of the book before Ariel and Char really spoke to each other.

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