“Hung Like a Seahorse: A Real-Life Transgender Adventure of Tragedy, Comedy, and Recovery” by Quinn Alexander Fontaine— Why We Are Here

Fontaine, Quinn Alexander. “Hung Like a Seahorse: A Real-Life Transgender Adventure of Tragedy, Comedy, and Recovery”, Babypie Publishing, 2017.

Why We Are Here

Amos Lassen

This is certainly an interesting title for a book and I must admit that I really never thought about seahorses having penises so I intrigued right away and then disappointed that the issue never came up. Actually this is a book about who we are and why we are here. ”We each have a story, and we are not our story. So many of us get trapped by thinking we are less than others or unlovable or that we should not be taking up space altogether”. Writer Quinn Fontaine reminds us that we are here for a reason and shares his journey of healing work to recover from childhood trauma and multiple addictions, and his full acceptance of being transgender. We read about the rough times he has had and how he was able to gain a sense of freedom and to be inspired to be more “out”. He shows us that we need to not only set ourselves free but to inspire others to do so as well. Life is about sharing who we are and there are ways to do so as we read here. Fontaine’s journey is authentic and fascinating and by reading about it, we learn a bit about ourselves.

This is not a book that is just the transgender experience, “it is about the human experience and how we can move beyond our limitations to understand each other better.” It is an insightful tale of a trans child coming of age with all of the challenges and it is inspiring.

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