I’ve Seen It All: Conversations with Wakefield Poole” by Marco Siedelmamm, Jack Fritscher and Udo Rosenberg— The Man Behind the Name

Siedelmann, Marco, Jack Fritscher and Udo Rosenberg. “I’ve Seen It All: Conversations with  Wakefield Poole”, Editions Moustache, 2016,

The Man Behind the Name

Amos Lassen

There was a time in this country when Wakefield Poole seemed to be everywhere and involved in everything including “Broadway, Porno Chic, Rock Music, Gay Liberation, and the Sexual Revolution itself”. He made history with some his early gay porno films and now thanks to a new documentary, “I Always Said Yes” by Jim Tushinski, he has been “rediscovered”. After being almost forgotten, the films by adult movie pioneer Wakefield Poole are being re-discovered by a younger generation of cinematics. In this book we get a very personal and career-spanning interview in which Poole shares never-heard stories and talks about every single film he made. We learn that he once cooked for Jackie Kennedy and was once a dancer on Broadway. He talks about his early porn films “Boys in the Sand” and “Bijou” as well as other films that he made but have been overlooked and we now see what he has been doing with his life since he retired.

While this is a short book, it still contains a lot of information including the interview “Dirty Poole: that Jin Fritscher conducted with Poole for “Drummer” magazine and that was published in 1977. Also in the book is a conversation with German film critic Udo Rotenberg and the book includes many photographs and snapshots from private archives, and artworks. On a personal note, I was very pleased to receive a thank you note from Wakefield Poole after I published my review of Tushinski’s film.

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