“Nate’s Last Tango” by Kevin Klehr— When Love Wanes

Klehr, Kevin. “Nate’s Last Tango” (“Nate and Cameron: Book 2”), Ninestar Press, 2017.

When Love Wanes

Amos Lassen

I am a bit embarrassed about posting this review since I have had the book for already three months. Let me explain. As a reviewer I receive sometimes as many as 40 books and movies a week and I have a life aside from reviewing including teaching full time. I have always felt that each author I read deserves the same attention and that everyone should be considered equally. It has been my practice to not give negative reviews because I know much work goes into writing a book. Last month I did give a negative review but with some positive statements and the owner of the press wrote to me and was quite upset. I do know this publisher and I have reviewed her press’ books for about eight years. However, because of that review I have been dropped from the press’ reviewers’ list. In other words, you can be my friend as long as you play by my rules. I am upset about the principal of the issue and not being dropped and this made me wonder if I should go back and reread all those books and then post the negative thoughts I dared not post before.

Now regarding this book the story is a bit different. When Kevin Klehr published his first book I reached out to him and I loved the book and gave it a very positive review. I saw something in the writer that let me know that more good books were going to come from him and I was correct. I wanted to let what is in this book set in and then became busy and realized that I had not reviewed it. I offer my apologies. Now to the book. We first met Nate in the prequel, “Nate and the New Yorker” but it is not necessary to read that to enjoy this book. When the story opens we see that Nate is happy with his wealthy boyfriend, Cameron and enjoying the pleasures of the Big Apple. Yet, Nate who is Australian wants to go to Sydney to visit his friends. Cameron suggests that if that is the situation then maybe they should break things off while he is gone. Now there are differences between New Yorkers and Australians and we all know that relationships have to be worked at. The difference between the two cultures does not help what the guys share. Nate is at a loss as to what went wrong and he begins to realize that maybe this romance was not meant to be. Of course, the fact that Nate still thinks about his first boyfriend helps nothing. Truthfully I was surprised that the two men were together for as long as they were. Both are immature and neither communicates well with the others. They do not really look at their relationship but instead seem to worry about which is the greatest lover. (I should have such a problem). They tend to use vacations as extensions of their honeymoon instead of sitting down and talking things out. Being a romantic, I wanted them to stay together while deep in my heart I felt differently. Here is where author Kevin Klehr is excellent. He built two fascinating characters and we, the readers, bounce back and forth between them.

I believe what really made this book speak to me is the way the relationship is portrayed. However, since Nathan narrated the story from his perspective, we can really only guess about how Cameron sees things.

The supporting characters including Roger/Rowena, the butler, Aunt Beverley and Ben and Fox are also wonderfully drawn. Of course, Nate is shocked when Cameron suggested that they put their relationship on ice and he worries that they will not get back together. I do not want to spoil the ending so I won’t say what happens. I will say that this is a fun read that is well written with fun characters and I totally recommend it.




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