“DATING MY MOTHER”— Finding Love

“Dating My Mother”

Finding Love

Amos Lassen

Mike Roma’s “Dating My Mother” shows the romantic yearnings of a 23-year-old wannabe screenwriter. Danny’s (Patrick Reilly) attempt to find love and/or gratification via online dating sites is matched by his mom’s (Kathryn Erbe) efforts to move beyond widowhood. Danny has no luck and comes across as his own worst enemy. He challenges his own chances at becoming a professional by making an ill-timed poolside pass at a straight friend. He is also angry that his mother is entering the dating arena again and he seems to be a nasty little guy. Mother and son share a bed in the wake of the recent death of her hubby giving us any number of chances to laugh at something here.

Danny is an obnoxious, aspiring but unemployed gay screenwriter who is totally annoying yet we like him to a degree. His relationship with his mother seems unhealthy while he sees it as comforting her over the death of her husband and his father. He just wants to make life in New Jersey bearable whilst he waits to return to L.A. where he just graduated from college.

When Joan is egged on by her best friend Lisa (Kathy Najimy) to start dating pool again, together they create an online profile. Danny, however, is not happy with his mother’s efforts particularly since he has never managed to have any success on gay hook-up sites.  He is annoyed when she meets Chester (James Le Gros) on her very first attempt.

Danny is then forced to move back into his own bedroom and take on a part time menial job at the Library. He once again becomes friendly with Kris (Michael Rosen), one of his straight school pals from the past who has a steady supply of pot to smoke. As the two of them start to bond more, Danny suggests they take a road trip to Los Angeles together. Kris is eager to go along with this, but then when Danny misreads all the friendliness and plants a kiss on the horrified straight-boy’s lips, he ruins all his chances of both the trip and his continued friendship.

When Lisa discovers that her husband of 30 years has been continually unfaithful, she throws him out of the house giving us yet another crisis. Joan is the only one who is happy and that is because it seems that Chester is going to be around for a long time.

Ultimately Danny wakes and the film has a happy ending.  Director Roma shows how the generations differ when it comes to ‘dating’ thus giving us a chance to laugh at our excursions into the dating pool.