“LUCKY BLUE”— Camping With Dad

“Lucky Blue”

Camping with Dad

Amos Lassen

Olle is an introverted, well-mannered boy with an air of innocence and sincerity about him. He has been camping with his father at the same camping ground with several other people for years now. It has become a tradition that ends in a karaoke party. One summer, a family friend brings her ‘city boy’ nephew, Kevin, and his pet parakeet. Olle accidentally releases the bird and what follows is a discovery of friendship and love between Olle, the guy who has grown up in a loving environment and simply accepts love for what it is and Kevin, the guy who’s apparently been burned too many times in his own circle to feel comfortable with it.

This is a sweet tale of two teens that feels like it could/should be stretched out into a feature length movie.. Kevin doesn’t seem interested in camping or anything about this holiday but he forms a friendship with Olle, which slowly develops into something more. We get a sweet story with some quirky ideas and characters making this great fun to watch. Tobias Bengtsson as Olle, who has the right level of vulnerability and charm makes us want things to work out for him. It is a lovely story from Sweden about a teenager’s first gay crush.

Writer and director Håkon Liu reflects the feelings of the two young men who are gay and scared of people knowing their true sexuality. Tom Lofterud as Kevin goes as hot and cold on Olle and emotions speak volumes rather than words. The film perfectly captures the tentative steps that two young men take on the gay path of life. While the story is a simple one, it is beautifully shot and told, with the raw passion of gay first love handled in an uplifting way.

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