“Three: The Series”

A New Series

Amos Lassen

Nashville-based writer and director Jeff Swafford looks at monogamy through the eyes of two gay men, Dylan and Patrick in his new series, “Three.” It asks the question if two gay men can be together long-term and still remain monogamous. Everyone has an opinion and if there is an answer it can be looked at in degrees.

“Three” is a six-episode run and in it, the issue that is rarely spoken about is seen on the screen. It reflects some of the challenges that many have experienced in their own relationships. Actually the series is more about non-monogamy, and the possibilities of polyamory and faces them head on. Swafford has said that he has wanted to tell a story that really explored what happens to a relationship when a third person is introduced.

We see that with Dylan and Patrick that the thrill is gone even though the love remains. Dylan isn’t quite convinced that Patrick’s suggestion of adding another guy into the mix is the right answer. Yet that doesn’t stop them from pursuing some hot eligible men who just might be candidates. Let me summarize the six episodes here without giving anything away.

Episode 1—“The Worst Party in the World” shows us that Dylan is left wondering if he and Patrick have a future together after Patrick’s drunken behavior at a party.

Episode 2— “Mr. Hot Bottom” takes us to Dylan and Patrick deciding to spice their sex life up by having a threesome. Of course, there is the question of whether they survive meeting Mr. Hot Bottom or is Dylan right to be worried that they might be inviting a serial killer into their home?

“Episode 3— “Think With Your Dick” finds Dylan seeking advice from best friend Elliot after a disastrous threesome attempt. He is just not sure if he’s ready to go down this path with Patrick, while Patrick is on his way home with Jason who is new in town.

Episode 4— “Getting to Know You” takes place the morning after Jason and when Dylan, taking Elliot’s advice decides to learn more about Jason.

Episode 5— “A Good Train Wreck” is when Elliot shares with Patrick’s brother about Jason and his causing an argument between the two lovers. The aftermath leaves Dylan and Patrick to wonder if there is anything left to salvage between them.

Episode 6— “Get Out” has the situation getting even farther away from what Dylan wants in life and he faces both Jason and Patrick with disastrous results.

While this my sound super serious, let me assure you that there is a lot of comedy here and an interesting exploration of monogamy in gay relationships.


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