“IT GETS BETTER”— A Love Story

“It Gets Better”

A Love Story

Amos Lassen

“”It Gets Better” is a gay love story between Adam, a closeted jock, and Pierre, an openly gay boy, that revolves around peer pressure, bullying and acceptance. It is a short film that runs a bit under five minutes and was written and directed by Davin Tjen. Pierre gets bullied by a gang of jocks, but Adam, one of the jocks is secretly in the closet. Jump ahead in time, we see what the two protagonists are like several years later. I had a bit of a problem seeing Pierre willing to kiss Adam after he had beaten and harassed him. It felt unauthentic and fake and the acting is over the top. There is another problem in that the kiss comes when one of the other bullies is standing nearby. It is a bit hard to accept that someone’s feelings would change that quickly and put too people in danger of being beat up.

The first part of the film presents only emotions that are irrational and bizarre but not surprising. The spontaneous and unpredictable gesture of the kiss, is the axis of film. The second , having moved to the future is very strange because it represents a good solution and shows that it does get better.

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