“THE SUMMER OF ALL MY PARENTS”  (“Juillet août”)

Two Sisters

Amos Lassen

French director, Diasteme’s “The Summer of All My Parents” is the story of two sisters, Laura 14 and Joséphine 18, who spend July with their mother and August with their father. During this summer decisions are taken, secrets are revealed and relationships change. When Joséphine gets involved with the wrong crowd, Laura turns out to be more responsible than the grown-ups who spend their time educating her. This is a move about the tenderness and exasperation that comes with raising teens.

Because the girls have their secrets, every bit as difficult as the problems of their parents and step-parents. Moving between Antibes with their mother and Pontrieux in Brittany with their father, the girls have quite a summer.

Laura might look like a little girl but actually has quite sophisticated ideas and always wants to be noticed while Josephine seems to constantly radiate wisdom. She is a poised young woman until she falls in love and she is transformed into an ingenuous naïve girl.For Laura and Josephine, the summer vacation gives them the chance to become complicit as the follow the instructions and rules of each parent. Learning about their mother’s pregnancy and their father’s love affairs seem to bring the sisters even closer together.

The focus of the film is on Josephine’s misadventures. Yet, each girl also has secrets that are uncovered as the film moves forward. The two sisters go through the difficulties of their age as their parents struggle with their own situations.

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