“And the Prompt Is…, Volume One”– A Prompt Writing Group Writes

Woods, Em, JR  Boyd, Haven Fellows, Lee Brazil and Hank Edwards. “And The Prompt Is…,Volume One”, Amazon Digital Services, 2011.

A Prompt Writing Group Writes

Amos Lassen


The five authors here met through Facebook and there is another member, a non-writer who provides an image to the group The group is known as Story Orgy and they each write a story using three images or prompts and they post them on Monday mornings. It all seems very similar to a writing course I once taught and we did basically the same thing. They tried something new recently and invited their readers to submit prompt items to them and this is the result of that experience. They then decided to put the stories into this collection and put it on sale with proceeds going to the Trevor Project during the first ninety days. The results are amazing and I think when you read the stories you will agree with me.

Em Woods wrote “Picking Up Quinn” about racer Quinn Rowan and his relationship with Liam Nelson, a truck driver. What the men have in common is the way they feel about each other but is that enough to build a relationship?

JR Boyd gives is “Finding Pleasure” about Sterling, a paramedic who works alongside Innocenzo Lucciano, an EMT and sparks fly. They try to find a place in the hospital where they can demonstrate their feelings and so their lunch hour is spent.

Havan Fellows’ “Farewell” is a story that tugs at the heartstrings. We meet Dwight whose broken heart takes him to the cemetery where the dead are very smart and where the heart can be repaired. I so identify with this story as it reminded so much of what we went through during the heyday of AIDS and when we thought that there was no such thing as a second chance.

“The Old Soda Shop” by Lee Brazil and it is another story that hits you in the heart. Matt and Sam had been roommates in college who then went their separate ways, There had been something there once and when the two met again by chance, will the meeting be the beginning of a second chance for them?

Hank Edwards is the only writer in the group that I know and I was very surprised to read his romantic story as it is so unlike other things that he has written and that I have read. “With This Ring” is set in New York City at the Ritz Carlton and the hotel lives up to its reputation of being grand and elegant. There is a sense of romance attached to the Ritz Carlton chain and this is true even for the people who work there. Carl has spent good years at the hotel working in maintenance and when he meets bellboy, Dylan, the attraction between them is instantaneous.  They sneak into rooms recently vacated by guests and act out their romantic and sensual attraction but is this the kind of relationship that will take hold?

Each story involves a question of whether a relationship can last or not and in this way we are pulled into the prompt game as well. It seems as if these guys are having a good time writing and we are benefitting from what they write. These five stories are all excellent in their own way and I personally love the way this came into being. However, my thirst has not been totally quenched and I suppose that will not happen until further volumes are published.

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  1. Em Woods


    Thank you so much for your comments. The Trevor Project is such a worthy cause and I’m excited to see what we can raise to help them.

  2. Havan Fellows

    Thank you for your great review! You are right, being with the Story Orgy is terrific. Thanks again!


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