“FLOWER”— Sex and Intimacy Among Five Guys


Sex and Intimacy Among Five Guys

Amos Lassen

Queer filmmaker Matt Lambert is known for his unusual, visionary films and “Flower” is by far his most explicit work yet. It is about celebrating sex positivity and dismantling the shame that surrounds gay sex. We see five young guys having sex and the sex they share is infused it with a sense of intimacy, sweetness and honesty. It intercuts the men having a bit of a sex-fuelled party with a very sensual erotic session the next morning. Things take an unexpected turn when the men start lip-syncing to Pansy Division’s 90s tune, “Flower” and this includes using an erect penis as a microphone which adds an unusual but rather fun, punk edge to the end of the film.

Lambert feels that adding a sense of connection and humanity to porn is important because many learn about their sexuality through porn. Often what we have is demeaning and dehumanizing. This tries to correct that.


You can watch the movie here:


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