“The Love God of Indian Frybread” by A.J. Llewellyn– Paranormal Fun

Llewellyn, A. J. “The Love God of Indian Frybread”, Amber Quill Press, 2011.

Paranormal Fun

Amos Lassen

Chris Coelho is a very hot man but he is also obnoxious—at least that is what Ever Beleno thinks about him. Chris has no social skills and is quite the slob but he has set his eyes on Ever. Chris asks Ever to go out with him but Ever, even when noticing the guy’s sex appeal, is just not interested. Finally Ever gives in but only because he wants to see the new exhibit of mummies but can’t find anyone to go with him. When the two men get to the exhibit, Chris sneaks Ever in to avoid paying admission and then he continues to try to feel Ever up while they are out in public.

Ever is disgusted with the date but Chris keeps pushing for another session. Chris hardly seems like the same guy that Ever went out with. He has become very nice and thoughtful and he seems to have forgotten everything about his former self including who he is and where he lives. Ever realizes that he is charmed by the man. What really gets interesting is when Chris tells Ever that he is, in actuality, a reincarnation of an Egyptian priest and this worries Ever because he likes Chris now but thinks that he may be insane.

I found the book to be a fun read. It is written with a great deal of wit and the characters are both interesting and well drawn. Even though I am really not into the paranormal, I was immediately pulled into the story. As unbelievable as the story is, it is very realistic and I could not believe how much I wanted to believe every word of it. The characters are extremely realistic even though the story is not and we also get a sense of Hollywood history as Llewellyn provides some fascinating details about the city. I have always enjoyed reading Llewellyn’s books and this further cemented my positive opinion of his writing.


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