“GENEROUS”— Hooking Up via Grindr


Hooking Up via Grindr

Amos Lassen

One of the dangers and/or surprises that come with online hookups is that the person whose picture attracts us looks nothing like it in reality for whatever reason. In most of these cases, the person who lies about the picture turns out to be the bad guy, but here the focus goes in the opposite direction and looks at why someone might play with the truth on a hookup app. This short film gives us a look at aging, preconceptions and loneliness. A young man turns up at an apartment and discovers the guy he’s supposed to be hooking up with is significantly older than his picture. Are either of the guys to be seen as “bad guys”? The film asks

Who is the bad guy here (or perhaps they’re both as bad and good as the other). It also questions whether there are other issues surrounding online hookups that are perhaps more important. “Generous” is a film that looks at questions and leaves us to find the answers.

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