“Cornfed” by Kiernan Kelly– The Rumspringa

Kelly, Kiernan. “Cornfed”, Torquere Publishers, 2011.

The Rumspringa

Amos Lassen


Jacob Yoder, an Amish youth, chose to spend his Rumspringa, his time outside his Amish community in New York City He had dreamt about New York since he was a kid and one there, he met Saudi Prince Fahd ibn Azar and allows himself to be seduced by him. Of course this totally changed his life.

Fahd had his own problems especially knowing how his family and religion felt about men who sleep with men and he also rebelled against the conservative values that his family adhered to. He knew he could not go home again and so he went with Jacob to the family farm and found himself in a culture that was totally foreign to him. The two men were falling in live but they both knew that this was an impossibility especially since it was expected that Jacob would marry and raise a family within the Amish framework.

To make matters worse, Fahd’s family tracked him down and Fahd is the first to realize that this endangers the entire Amish community. Fahd’s brother was out for blood and wanted him dead and he was willing to destroy anything that kept him from getting to his brother.

Even though Fahd and Jacob are very much in love, the chance for their relationship to succeed is slim. Aside from the two being total opposites, there was just too much going against them. Each of the man is dealt a hand and they then have to figure out how to deal with it.

I am aware of how Muslim’s feel about homosexuality having lived for many years in the Middle East. Likewise I can imagine how the Amish feel about it as their way of life is so primitive and dependent on family. Kelly does an excellent job elaborating this in the book in covert ways. For this reason alone, “Cornfed” is worth the read. I love to learn from reading and it is great fun when you do not realize that is what is happening. The writing is smooth, the characters are well drawn and the story is convincing.

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  1. Kiernan Kelly

    Thank you so much for the very thoughtful review, Amos! I’m only sorry I didn’t find it and thank you earlier. I’ve often admired your reviews, appreciate your opinion, and am thrilled that you took the time to read and review my book.



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