“Jake Jaxson’s Porn Manifesto!: Liberating Your Sexual Self, Free of Shame and Doubt” edited by Jake Jackson— A Pornographer Speaks

Jaxson, Jake (editor). “Jake Jaxson’s Porn Manifesto!: Liberating Your Sexual Self, Free of Shame and Doubt”, Bruno Gmunder, 2017.

A Pornographer Speaks

Amos Lassen

Over the last few years only a few out and proud pornographers stood up, fought, and helped guide sexual freedoms (Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint, to name two). In the gay world there was ChiChi Larue who did extensive outreach about safe sex. Those who spoke out did so at a time when porn was more of a target. Now times changed, and people are more open and accepting. They are able to deal with a more clear-headed (even self-help) approach to porn as a healthy part of ones sexual development and not just a means to an end. Jake Jaxson gives us a guide to sexual freedom and his unapologetic pornographer’s view on liberated, healthy sexuality. Jake Jaxson has the knowledge and expertise to do so because of his own involvement in the adult entertainment business. His film studio Cocky Boys has been recognized beyond the traditional gender borders of gay porn and has a strong fan base of both men and women worldwide. He uses a clear-headed approach Jaxson thus allowing for a different kind of conversation. It is this that helps people first unlock the constrictions of their mind, their “moral beliefs”, their false assumptions, and their fears allowing them to be able to unlock and appreciate their desires, needs and bodies. It is from here that we can take a journey toward sexual freedom with the result of life changing impact. By exploring the foundations of why people today feel guilty and ashamed of their bodies, desires and sexuality, we can look at and deal with sex in a realistic way. This is the start of a powerful connection that can change everything.


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