The Truth About Goodbye” by Russell Ricard— The Final Goodbye

Ricard, Russell. “The Truth About Goodbye”, Wise Ink Creative Publishing, 2017.

The Final Goodbye

Amos Lassen

Sebastian Hart has said many goodbyes in his life. Now at a year after his husband Frank’s death, he still blames himself. He had started the argument that night over one of Frank’s former dates with someone younger than Sebastian.

When his friend Chloe told him to follow his dreams of becoming a choreographer, he realizes that has to deal with his romantic feelings for Reid, a new student in his tap class. He senses that Sebastian’s ghost is there warning him not to become involved with another man and this causes Sebastian to wonder if death is, indeed, the final goodbye. Sebastian sees that life is much like his chosen career of choreography and one just has to learn the steps or adlib when necessary.

This is a read filled with emotion as is life and we read about the good times and the not-so-good times. Writer Russell Ricard has written a book that looks at the basic themes of being left alone, sadness and grief, stereotyping and aging and re-finding love.

Sebastian Hart is quite a fascinating character. He is an experienced theater singer and dancer who loves classic cinema. We see him as being lost and he still feels that he was abandoned by parents and faces unresolved loss because of it just as he feels unresolved loss as a result of Frank’s death. We see though him that letting go is difficult regardless of the circumstances.

Ricard’s prose is clever and because of this and the well drawn and his multi-faceted characters, we are pulled into the story on the first page.


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