“I’m Still Walking” by Yehoram Gaon— 50 Years in Show Business

Gaon, Yehoram. “I’m Still Walking”, IQ Publishing, 2017.

50 Years in Show Business

Amos Lassen

Yehoram Gaon’s autobiography, “I’m Still Walking” has just been published in Hebrew in Israel and I have not yet been told if there is to be an English publication. We learn here that from the moment he first appeared on the stage at the age of seven, as the high priest in the elementary school performance, Yehoram Gaon has felt the intense excitement and pleasure that accompanied the stage life and realized that he had found his destiny. Since then, for five decades, he has not stopped singing, playing funny and charming.

Gaon’s life and work are interwoven with the history of Israel. He was born into the days of the British Mandate, grew up with the establishment of the State and accompanied it with his art during Israel’s wars and victories.

He beautifully writes about the various stations of his life from his childhood in Jerusalem, his time in the Nahal group and the Yarkon Trio, the movies “Kazablan” and “Operation Jonathan” and the television series “Close Relatives” (“Krovim, Krovim”) as well as a host of part the inalienable assets of Israeli culture. Gaon says that he was lucky, since he was never required to look for stage lights. He was always called, and he merely responded to the wishes of the audience. “While I’m Walking” is a life story that unfolds alongside the history of Israel thus making it doubly interesting.

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