“PROM KING, 2010”— Looking for Love

“Prom King, 2010”

Looking for Love

Amos Lassen

Christopher Schaap is the writer/director/star of “Prom King, 2010”. He plays Charlie, a college student New York City who loves the thought of love. However he cannot seem to find the love that he is looking for. He’s apprehensive about moving out of his comfort zone but he finally gives into his best friend, Thomas (Adam Lee Brown), to hook up with Ford (Frans Dam), a hot waiter at a local hotspot, who is both taken and interested in him and this really messes up his mind. Every encounter starts to worry Charlie that his homosexuality is an irreconcilable element to the classic Hollywood romance he’s hopeful for.

Charlie is about to turn 21 and is desperate to find a boyfriend birthday who is desperate to find a boyfriend so that he can finally “go all the way”. When he and Ford date, he finally achieves one of his goals, but Ford is neither physically or emotionally available. Charlie loses his virginity to Ford and ends up with a broken heart.

Every time Charles goes home to visit his very supportive parents, they ask him if he has met anyone yet. This depresses him further but this is not a sad story. Charlie is so likable that we root for him.Schaap embraces Charlie’s aimlessness and turns it into “an opportunity for unhinged curiosity to come alive”.  

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