“BABY BUMP”— Changing



Amos Lassen

Kuba Czekaj‘s “Baby Bump” is a wild, accurate, disturbing, confusing film and these all taken together give us a fun movie. Mickey (Kacper Olszewski) is growing up and as his body is changing, his thoughts go wild. The film is about his character and is told from his child`s perspective. It’s a character study of a kind that focuses on the physiological and psychological changes that happen to everyone when innocence is lost and left behind.

There is no consistent narrative and at times it is a bit vulgar. It is something of a black comedy; an Oedipal story of a small boy trying to pry himself loose from the suffocating attentions of his young mother.

Eleven-year-old Mickey House is frustrated with his changing body He is a loner at school and his mother treats him like a child. The only solace in his life comes from selling urine to his classmates for drug tests. He realizes that growing up is not for kids. Visually this is a gorgeous film even in the scenes that some might find offensive, those that feature butts, breasts, erections, vaginas, hair, blood and other body substances that we see here. It is quite basically a collage of experiences, thoughts and fantasies that uses modern cinematic techniques to get our attention and at times it is shocking, provoking and confusing. It is hard to judge

Kacper Olszewski’s acting because of the structure of the film but he is cute and photogenic and sometimes quite repulsive.

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