“Return to Summerville” by H. L. Sudler— Back to Rehoboth Beach

Sudler, H.L. “Return to Summerville”, Archer Books, 2017.

Back to Rehoboth Beach

Amos Lassen

It is summertime in Rehoboth Beach and secrets are about to become public. With the summer comes the beautiful people who want to enjoy the beautiful setting of great weather and days that bring sun, sand, sex and relaxation. However for some of the people there, memories of the previous summer are still strong.

This is a sequel to H.L. Sudler’s “Summerville” and is a wonderful summer read. The characters who managed to last through the first book return to us here and Sudler brings us fascinating character studies. As secrets come to light, the plot becomes and more interesting. Fluttering above our introduction to those characters is a feeling of dread that captures us and has turning pages as quickly as possible. It is difficult to forget the summer before and even during moments of pleasure, the past hangs over the vacationers as they face a summer of “mystery, betrayal, danger, murder, and sheer terror”.

Author H.L. Sudler in his author’s note at the end of the book reminds us that this is a soap opera and we are all aware of how many enjoy episodic stories especially with their twists, turns and cliffhangers. Because the setting here is a small-town, it is easy for us to get to know the players and as we do, the story forms in our minds and does not let us go. One of the reasons that it is hard to review something like “Return to Summerville” is the risk of giving something away and spoiling the read for others. That is why I have not used character’s names and not said much about the intricate plots that make up this novel. We see the characters as evolving through the story and I am almost certain that readers will choose their own characters to follow more closely than others. As the characters move the story forward, they move the reader as well.

Without giving their names, I will tell you that one of the characters is here to make sure he succeeds in whatever he does and in order to do so, he lets no one stand in his way. Another character’s presence changes the way others are sharing their vacation and yet another is determined to find the life that he has dreamt of and yet another has a secret that yields a revelation that shocks both the others and the readers. I can’t say anymore than to urge you to get the book and spend some time with it but also to remember that another sequel is coming that will give us even more surprises.






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