“Terms We Have for Dreaming” by Eric Arvin— Eric Arvin, Gone Too Soon

Arvin, Eric. “Terms We Have for Dreaming”, Dreamspinner Press, 2017.

Eric Arvin, Gone Too Soon

Amos Lassen

Eric Arvin left us way too soon. I met Arvin when I first became reviewing and “The Rest is Illusion” is one of the first books I reviewed in my present website format. I was taken by his prose and his characters. I read everything Arvin wrote and I watch his writing mature and I am so proud to have been with him from his first book to his last. I watch him change publishers and saw his plots become more intricate and I often felt that I was watching the development of a fine writer. I was sorry that a writer of his caliber ended up with a small press like Dreamspinner because he deserved so much more.

Three hundred souls. That is all. In the last two years of his life, Arvin gravitated toward speculative fiction and that is what we have here and I quote his blurb since it says what this book is about so much better that I can.

“The entire world, all of human existence, comes to three hundred souls born and reborn again. No more and no less. Countless billions of people share these souls, each individual with a slight piece or sliver of grace. But when gods corrupt and upset the most delicate of balances, a hero must come forth to lead people toward a brighter day and a better life”. Like that last sentence, Eric Arvin became a hero and I can only hope that he is free of pain and having a better life than he had here with us.

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