“COBY”— The Journey to Manhood


The Journey to Manhood

Amos Lassen

Becoming a man is not always an easy process but for Coby it is extremely difficult. You see Coby was born Suzanna and when she became twenty-one-years-old, she decided to change her gender and become male. At first, Suzanna uses the transitional name of Coby. Not only is this the story of Coby’s journey to manhood, it is also the story of his commitment to her surroundings, specifically the town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio in the American Midwest. This is an incisive, tender and ironic portrait of a transgender and his family seeking freedom.

Suzanna’s transformation deeply disrupts the lives of all who love her. Ultimately, that transformation becomes the one of a whole family compelled to modify their own perspective. We realize that there is much more than a physical metamorphosis at stake and it is the spiritual change that we unexpectedly see here.

The film premieres in May, 2017 at the Cannes Film Festival.

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