“The Secret History: The London Gay Men’s Chorus” by Robert Offord— Singing for Liberation

Offord, Robert. “The Secret History: The London Gay Men’s Chorus”, Robert Offord, 2017.

Singing for Liberation

Amos Lassen

We are not always sure that we want to revisit our past lives simply because not all past memories are good ones. Such is the case with Robert Offord and the London Gay Men’s Chorus. In London, 1988 was a difficult time for gay men with the AIDS epidemic and Clause 28 legislation that caused the media to embark on a homophobic witch-hunt. At the same time, “a few foolhardy idealists met in a derelict basement and began to dream of a better future”. This is the story of what happened when pride and prejudice met rock and roll. If you have ever known anyone who is a member of a gay men’s chorus, then you know that the chorus becomes a surrogate family as the singers bond together. In this case, the bond came from events outside of their control. You get a real sense of history as you read this book that so wonderfully re-erects an era.



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